All I want is all you’ve got.

In John 2, Jesus asked servants to fill water pots at a wedding that was out of wine. They filled six water pots up with water TO THE BRIM. Once they were finished, He turned their water into the finest wine of the day.

God has consecrated this idea in my heart lately.

It’s easy to give God the best when things look good. Last year, I wrote about this same idea but I was in a very different season of life. I was living the dream. Everything was going right. I had zero complaints.

But this year has been a different story. It’s been hard. And at times, I’ve felt hopeless. All I’ve been able to see on most days is that we are out of wine at the wedding and I’m not sure filling waterspouts is going to do anything except waste time, water and energy.

But in the last month or so, God has arrested my heart. He’s asked me to just simply do what He asks and trust Him, just like Mary and those servants did at the wedding.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has a new TV show out and one of his favorite lines in that show is,

“All I want is all you’ve got.”

The Rock is onto something there. That’s all God wants to.

When we bring Him our best efforts, He does amazing things with them. He turns water into wine. He saves the day.

Think about those servants. How do you think their faith was impacted when they saw God bless their best efforts? I know when I remember God’s faithfulness in my life, I walk out on the other side stronger than ever. Why? I’ve seen yet again how powerful God is, and how true His promises are.

Whatever you’re doing today, fill it to the brim. Do it like you’re doing it for Jesus. Even if it feels ridiculous. Even if it fills like a waste. Do it, and do it well.

It’s important to note that the waterpots Jesus asked the servants to fill were heavy. It would have likely taken at least two people for every pot, if not more.

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