All I want is all you’ve got.

In John 2, Jesus asked servants to fill water pots at a wedding that was out of wine. They filled six water pots up with water TO THE BRIM. Once they were finished, He turned their water into the finest wine of the day. God has consecrated this idea in my heart lately. It’s easyContinue reading “All I want is all you’ve got.”

No matter what.

About four months ago, I sat in a doctor’s office at Vanderbilt Eye Institute and heard some devastating news. After a few weeks of tests and scans and different opinions, my retina specialist walked in, pulled up a chair and gave me the monologue that I replayed in my head every day for the nextContinue reading “No matter what.”

Anything’s Possible: Celebrating life change through baptism

There is nothing special about the water. It’s just water. But it means so much more. It represents life change. It represents a celebration of the freedom I have found in Jesus Christ. I was baptized 15 years ago when I made a decision to put my faith in Jesus, and Jesus alone. It wasn’t aContinue reading “Anything’s Possible: Celebrating life change through baptism”