I live in Franklin, TN. When I’m not writing, you can find me at the gym, serving at church or connecting with friends in a local coffee shop. I love real estate, fitness, adventure, people, reading, coffee, the outdoors and college football.


Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet. I am honored you stopped by. My heart’s desire is for this to be more than just a place where you come to read whatever is on my mind, but becomes a place where you know you belong. I want to be your friend. While I hope you glean some nuggets of wisdom from the words of this site, I mostly want you to know that God loves and accepts you just as you are. The truth is we are all just a bunch of imperfect people pursuing a perfect God.

Like just about everyone else, I have a tough story. Life has been hard. I started life out ten steps behind. Because of how much Satan conquered in my childhood and young adult years, my perception of God was based on a foundation of lies. And because of those lies, my survival was based on destructive cycles and behaviors that got me in a lot of trouble and left me so incredibly alone.

The heart of what I write about and why I write it is to help people just like you discover how to kick those lies in the teeth and replace them with the absolute truth of who we are as children of God. But please hear my heart – just because I am the one with the virtual microphone here doesn’t mean I am the expert or the one with all the answers. In this corner of the Internet, your perspective is just as important as mine. I want this to be a place where it is okay for you to not be okay, but also a community that will surround you and not let you stay that way.

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