The Book

When I was in Mrs. Patterson’s first grade class, she selected me to be a part of a special project in which I got to stay after school for a few months and write my own book. After I wrote and illustrated it, it was edited and then the school had them bound for us. I still have that book. From that moment on, it has been my lifelong dream to write a “real” book one day. What kind of book it would be has changed at times, but ultimately, the dream to publish a book has never left my heart.

The enemy has sabotaged my quest to write a book more times than I can count. I have allowed fear to hold me back time and time again. But I went through intense motive transition therapy in 2017 and at the beginning of 2018, I redefined courage. Instead to it being the absence of fear, I decided it was giving a desire more power than the fear. It happened in a prayer service at my church on a Wednesday morning. I had just had an email conversation with a trusted leader in my life who fell hard a few years back. I told him, “You are the pen God is using to write His story and you aren’t out of ink yet.” I was sitting in prayer service and the lyrics, “You are chosen, not forsaken” came over the speakers. God was telling me, “Hey kid, I’ve chosen YOU to write this book.”

When I left the church that day, I didn’t set out to write a book. I just opened my computer and started writing. And the next day, I opened my computer and wrote some more. And I kept doing that. Day after day. Page after page. And the next thing I knew, I had written 150k words.

I wrote a book. I did the thing I never thought I could.

The book is a creative nonfiction in which my prayer is to infuse hope and confidence into people through the lens of my story. Everyone has had a tough story on some level or another. Few get the opportunity of redemption that I did. It is my greatest desire to see others accept the same gift.

If you are a parent, imagine your kids have gone off to college and they just came home to visit. Would you have them knock on the front door and wait for you to let them in, take their coat and offer them a drink? Probably not. Chances are, they’re going to bust through the front door with a basket of laundry and hit the fridge first to see how long it will take them to devour every single thing inside. Then, after they’ve made a sandwich the size of their head, your kid is probably going to plop down on the couch and get crumbs all over the place. Am I right?

Why do your kids do that? Because they are CONFIDENT that everything that is yours is theirs as well. You have conditioned them since the day they were born that what is yours is theirs. What if I told you that the same is true for us as God’s children? His word says that we are heirs to His throne. Everything that is His is ours. Sadly, most of us don’t in that confidence. We might know we are welcome in our Father’s house but we live like guests in His home. We refuse to assume ownership. We wait to be asked or invited in.

The book gives us everything we need to start living like the sons and daughters of God we are.  Key ingredients to living the life God intended for us to live are authenticity, intentionality, community, worship, courage, surrender….and so many more. I can’t wait for you to read it.

It will be out soon but until then, continue to show up here. Wherever you are in your journey to realizing all of who you are as a child of God, this is a place where you are welcomed, loved, valued and accepted. Subscribe to the blog so you can be the first to know updates on the book’s release.

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