Beauty rises from the ashes

I wasn’t going to share this today because it’s a beautiful day and I don’t want to ruin it, but then I felt some conviction. Sometimes, telling the stories of how God brings beauty from the ashes is exactly what we need to build our faith and encourage others in theirs. Three years ago today,Continue reading “Beauty rises from the ashes”

Abuse Lies.

Last week, I posted a piece of my story about my struggle with feeling worthy after my biological and adoptive fathers both abandoned me. Today, I want to share more of that story. The pain and my struggle with feeling a father’s love didn’t end at my mom’s divorce in 1997. In fact, it gotContinue reading “Abuse Lies.”

Anything’s Possible: Celebrating life change through baptism

There is nothing special about the water. It’s just water. But it means so much more. It represents life change. It represents a celebration of the freedom I have found in Jesus Christ. I was baptized 15 years ago when I made a decision to put my faith in Jesus, and Jesus alone. It wasn’t aContinue reading “Anything’s Possible: Celebrating life change through baptism”