Your Obedience -> Your Miracles

God rarely removes obstacles from our way, but He always makes a way through them through obedience.

Think about it. He gave Noah a way through the Ark. He gave Moses a way through by splitting the Red Sea. He gave Daniel a way through the lion’s den. He gave Jonah a way through the belly of a whale. He gave David a way through Goliath with a sling and a stone.

Life was still so difficult in those moments. Building an ark isn’t easy. Being swallowed by a whale is a bit scary, y’all. Facing giants takes courage. Stepping into an ocean with an army of angry Egyptians chasing you feels a little insane.

Nothing worth having in any story in the Word of God didn’t first pass through the hand of risk and a test of obedience.

When I look at my own life, I realize that I often want the promise God has for me but I rarely step into obedience to work through the obstacles in the way. My fight through is terrible, friends.

When I read through the stories of Ruth, Joseph, Nehemiah, Joshua and all the other greats in the Bible, I am so deeply inspired. You know what hits me hard today? Knowing that their fight through inspires me but when I lack fight through of my own, I actually rob someone else from being inspired.

Let me say that again.

Someone else needs me to step out in obedience so they can be inspired by my miracle. That is also true for you. Here’s a few things God is revealing to me these days about obedience and miracles:

  1. The miraculous is activated by obedience. Miracles don’t happen without action.
  2. Failure is part of winning. If you and I aren’t failing, we aren’t winning. Stop looking at failure like it means you suck and start looking at it as a win because you tried.
  3. Quantity over quality. Stop acting like you have to make every attempt perfect. The more shots you take, the better your shots will be. If you stall, someone else will knock the ball out of your hand and then you will never make the shot.
  4. The enemy loves bribes. There’s nothing Satan loves more than to convince you to settle because your calling isn’t attainable in the natural. When you settle with the enemy, you forfeit your right to win.

There are way too many people in this world, including myself, who are held back from greatness because we are paralyzed in inaction. Our calling will never be found in our comfort zone. The promise you are waiting on will never be fulfilled simply because you exist.

What will you do differently TODAY to step closer to what God has for you?


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