You are essential to THE story.

Growing up, I struggled with the belief that God messed up with me. Some days, I honestly believed that God had a factory in Heaven with ideas for new babies and I somehow slipped past quality control. Like if He had noticed me before it was too late, He would have tossed me out with the defects and done something different. Something better.

A few years back, God began a work in me that I can’t even put into words. He started dropping people in my path that would implicate change. Somewhere between the breakdowns and breakthroughs, authentic life change occurred.

I began to believe something different.

I’m not a mistake.

I’m not defective.

I’m not unworthy.

I’m not unlovable.

I’m not invisible.

I’m not useless.

In fact, I discovered more about how I got here. God looked at the world and how His master story was playing out and there was something distinct that was missing. A problem to be solved. A message to be shared. Something to be created.

And His solution was me. He created me on purpose for a purpose.

He intentionally created every fiber of my existence so that I could play a role in His story that nobody else on the planet can.

And when He was done, He saw perfection. He saw it and He was pleased.

“It is good,” He said.

You know what’s even more incredible?

I’m not the only one. He created you on purpose too.

You are essential to the story. That book you’re called to write. That business you’re supposed to start. That song you know will change the world. That church that will reach more people. That YouTube channel you know you need to grow. That app you need to build.

That girl you know you’re supposed to propose to. That stranger you know you need to stop and talk to. That employee who needs an encouraging word. That neighbor who needs their grass cut. That homeless person who needs a meal. That kid who needs new shoes for school.

We need you to step up and do the thing God created you to do.

I’m working with people who are going to do amazing things this year and step into their God-given calling.

We’re going to punch fear (and other lies) in the face and do things with confidence. We are going to look back on 2021 and know we did our part to stitch the world back together.

It’s not too late for you to get started on creating the kind of year that ends in a standing ovation.

What thing are you going to step into this year with FULL confidence that God already knows the end of the story and He still asked you to play your part?

What will you create?

What will you build?

How will you leave someone better than you found them?

Let’s go, gang!

Also, if you are interested in confidence coaching in 2021, send me a message at or hit me up on social media.


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