Going deeper into confidence

I talk about confidence a lot, which is good since I call myself a confidence coach.

But what if we went a little deeper? Would that be okay with you?

Let’s start with what confidence is NOT. It is NOT arrogance, self-centeredness, ego, pride or being a jerk.

The world tells us having confidence is a bad thing. Society doesn’t want us to be confident in ourselves because if we all acted like we believed we are already strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, etc we wouldn’t need to spend the billions of dollars we spend every year trying to be more. “enough.”

So what does everyone tell us? They tie confidence to a body image or a hair style or a clothing brand. They tie it to the car you drive, the cell phone you use or the preworkout you drink.

I know some people who own BMWs and Lincolns and Audis who are some of the most insecure people I have ever met. I bet you do too.

Confidence is about being secure in who you already are with, or without all the extra stuff.

Whether you dropped out at 8th grade or have a PhD.

Whether you are severely obese or are an A-list model.

Whether you ride a bicycle from Goodwill or drive a $100k vehicle.

Whether you flip burgers or flip companies.

Whether you have 5 followers or 5 million on Instagram.

It doesn’t matter. Knowing that you were created to live the life you are living. That’s what confidence is. It’s walking around this planet with your head held high and eyes wide open. Assured in what you’re wearing, eating, driving or doing.

Don’t get me wrong. A true champion understands he is always on a journey and looking for ways to get better at the game, but he doesn’t go into the ring thinking, “I’m not as good as my opponent. I should be wearing different gloves. I’m probably going to lose.”

No. That would be what we call S-T-U-P-I-D.

Athletes, music artists, actors, public speakers and any kid starting the first day of school – we want them to have confidence in what they are doing or we know they will fail. So why don’t WE show up to the game every single day, ready to knock down anything in our way?

Over the next 10 days or so, I’m going to unpack confidence in each area of our lives. We will talk about careers, family, fitness, social media and more. I’ll give you practical pro tips – things I actually do every single day – to help play the game of life in confidence. You don’t want to miss it. Subscribe to FeliciaCarter.TV and you’ll get an email when new content goes live. You can also make sure to follow me on social media to not only get access to all my content but also other really random posts about me and my life – like when I am proud of a run or accomplish something awesome at work.

What specific thing in your life do you think you’re the best at doing with confidence?

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