COVID-19 and Confidence

Just in case you weren’t aware, the news of Coronavirus is taking over the world. Nobody who is alive today has ever seen anything like what we are experiencing as the human race right now. COVID-19 doesn’t care what country you’re from, who you worship, how much money or fame you have or who your friends are.

Like many of you, I have spent the last few days trying to wrap my head around what I’m experiencing – both internally and externally. Everywhere I look, people are freaking out and social-distancing. Businesses are shutting down. Churches and schools are creating online environments.

What you believe about the virus and the widespread panic that is keeping us all on edge is critical to your emotional and mental health. What you are focused on will grow. If you’re submersed in the news and social media, you’re likely drowning in depression and anxiety. You’re wondering what to believe. How bad is it? Am I safe? Is my family safe? Will I know someone who is infected?

Will I lose my job? Will my company survive this? Will the economy come back? Can I feed my kids? Will life ever be the same again?

Can I encourage you, friends?

Just stop.

Focus on something positive.

If you’re working from home and your kids are out of school, you just got an extra 40 hours a week to spend with your kids. That’s a lot of opportunity to make up for some of the nights you’ve worked late and sent them to bed without even having a single genuine conversation with them in a day.

If you are usually so busy that you can’t see straight with activities, maybe this is an opportunity for you to slow down and focus on a few great things instead of a lot of good things.

Take this time to be grateful for all you have. Look around your life. Be grateful for your home, family, friends, job, etc. A song of gratitude drowns out the lies of anxiety and desperation.

Take this opportunity to do or learn something new. Read a book. Try an at-home exercise plan. Cook more. Find a new podcast. Declutter your house. Garden. Learn a new language. Play an instrument. Write a blog. Invent a new system for your work. Research a new topic. Paint a picture.

Instead of looking for the big bad scary news, look for stories of people doing good. Look for businesses that are helping the elderly. Look for individuals who are loving on their neighbors. Look for kids who are learning more than they will ever learn in the classroom. Look for stories of people recovering from the virus.

Spend time with Jesus in prayer and worship. If you’re so scared you can’t worship Him, sit in His presence and let Him love you. Worship and prayer are the ways we battle storms. Just because the church doors are closed doesn’t mean church is cancelled. Jump on and watch church online. If your church doesn’t have online services right now, you can join me at We are even doing daily prayer and worship segments twice a day this week to help break up the isolation and anxiety we are all facing right now.

Here’s a few thoughts I have about common conversations surrounding COVID-19:

  • No matter what side of this you’re on, you know there’s some politics behind it. It’s okay. That doesn’t mean the virus isn’t real.
  • Taking precaution for you and your family doesn’t make you weak or crazy. It makes you wise. Just don’t let fear rule you.
  • Nobody knows what tomorrow brings. The most important virtues in all of this are patience and kindness. Just because something hasn’t happened today doesn’t mean it won’t tomorrow. You are not an expert. Stop arguing with everyone about what is or isn’t going to happen.
  • No matter what industry you are in, the economy WILL come back. The world is not ending. This is not vacation. This is an opportunity to dig in and prove you have what it takes, even when times get tough.
  • Live and let live. We are all dealing with this crisis in our own ways. The way you are responding isn’t right or wrong, but neither is anyone else’s. You do you and let other people do what they need to do.

The people closest to me are either in shock or admiration with how I am dealing with the virus. I am living my life as usual. I have absolutely zero fear. I don’t say that out of arrogance or foolishness. I am aware of the risk. I am also aware that the same God who created me and you knows everything about yesterday, today and tomorrow. If I get the virus, He already knows it is going to happen and how it is going to go. That doesn’t mean I am hanging out at the mall or not washing my hands. It means I’m sleeping well at night and not stressing over what COULD happen. It means I am trusting that no matter what happens to our world or to me personally, God is still in control. One hundred percent.

In other words, I am operating from total confidence.

Do you want to use this time efficiently and pursue some dream deep in your heart but you need someone to help guide you along that process? I want to help you approach this season with a sense of stability and focus in a world that is screaming otherwise. Reach out to me at and let’s set up a consultation. I have room for three new clients right now – and I’m giving one-month packages away for FREE because I know some of you need someone to believe in you more than you believe in yourself right now AND I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Drop me a comment and tell me what your goals are for this season of uncertainty.

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