Stop wasting time.

I have been more aware of some startling things on the Internet lately.

Do you know how much time people spend arguing with strangers on the Internet about politics and religion? Or filling up community Facebook pages with complaints about every single solitary thing they can think of? Or taking pointless quizzes and playing games? Or rambling on about how terrible their lives are and how all of their problems are unsolvable?

It’s actually really sad to me how much precious time people waste when they could be creating something new and productive.

What do online arguments accomplish? Nothing

What do pointless games and quizzes accomplish? Nothing.

What do complaints accomplish? Nothing

Absolutely nothing.

MILLIONS of people are wasting what precious hours a day they have on doing absolutely nothing every single day.

And for every moment they waste, we are losing out on their contributions to the world. Millions of books, blogs, podcasts, songs, software applications, photographs, artwork, businesses, nonprofits, talks and other masterpieces are never created each year because people are wasting their time arguing on Twitter and complaining on Facebook.

What a waste.

What if we did our part to stitch the world back together by putting our time and creative energy into something that actually mattered?

Join me Monday for a FREE email course that will help you win at writing. No matter where you are in your project, this 7-day course will help get you a few steps further in your process. I dare you to say yes.

You will get seven jam-packed emails from me, along with access to a private Facebook group and one-on-one access to me for consultations for your individual projects.

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Day 13 of 730. 717 blog posts to go!

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