It’s time to win at writing.

If you’re anything like me, you have a bunch of big dreams and hustle. I keep finding myself in the crosshairs of ideas and clarity. 

You know what happens when I find myself there?

I freeze. 

Perfectionism overwhelms me. The wrong voice wins. And instead of reaching my audience with the great content I’ve produced, it sits in a folder on my desktop that might as well be named “Great content nobody will ever see.” 

I recently took a time audit on how much time I spend writing with the intention for people to see it. I found out some startling statistics. For every 45 hours I spend writing, someone else sees 750 words of content. That’s ridiculous. 

And the saddest takeaway from that data is that it proves I don’t believe in my own message enough to practice what I preach. 

My brand is theoretically based on confidence and authenticity. 

Except I don’t share the authentic content I come up with from a place of confidence. 

So how can I expect you – my audience – to be inspired to pursue all you have been created and called to be with confidence because of my story if I won’t share my story with you?

In a recent conversation with my editor, we discussed that I don’t share content because once I hit send/publish, I lose control of another piece of my heart. 


That’s the problem. 

Actually, if I’m honest, the real issue is the ILLUSION of control. 

See? I’ve spent my life having very little control of most things. So how do I cope with that? I give myself the illusion of control. 

I have convinced myself that I can still make people believe the narrative that I write great content as long as they never actually see it. I control the perception. I also convince myself that all my ideas are incredible ideas because I haven’t kicked them out there to see if they fly yet. 

Guys, I know how stupid this sounds. Trust me. 

I also know that if we are all honest, I’m not the only one. 

How many of you are out there not living in the middle of your God-given dream because you’re afraid that if you release whatever it is inside of you to the world, you will no longer have control over it. You’re afraid of the criticism, the rejection, the failure. 

So what if we jump off the cliff together? The world needs our ideas. The world needs to see us hustle after our dreams. The world needs our blog posts, songs, podcasts, videos, DIY projects, recipes, online courses, businesses, books, designs, inventions or whatever other awesome content we have to bring to the table. 

The world needs it. But so do you and I. For instance, I know I was created to write books and run races. It’s the passions God gave me to do my part to stitch the world back together. You have your own passions. If we aren’t living in the fullness of pursuing what sets our souls on fire, we aren’t living in the full capacity of the dreams God gave us. We aren’t stewarding what we have been given well. We aren’t honoring Him. We aren’t doing our part to sow into His kingdom. 

So how do we do that? How do we surrender the illusion of control?

We get quiet with and listen to our Creator. Find your version of a prayer closet. For me, somewhere outside with my ear buds in, listening to worship music. I get a bottle of water. I close my eyes and I just let God talk to me. That’s an important step. I believe we miss so much in prayer because we spend all the time talking. I try to spend intentional time in silence, solitude and surrender with Father God and let Him just love me. 

We tap into the best version of ourselves. Find whatever it is that makes you better. For me, it’s consistent personal, professional and spiritual development. I read and listen to a lot from people who are doing the things I want to do. I can’t be the best version of myself by myself. I purposefully surround myself with people who force me to be better than I think I am capable of. It all started a few years back when I started calling them “Team Felicia” but it stuck. Team Felicia loves me exactly where I am but too much to let me stay here. They refuse to let me settle for good enough. They daily remind me that mediocrity is selfish. 

We spend time planning things with specificity. Get a notebook out and write the plan down. I sat down this morning with my notebook (I use Evernote). Right now, my main project is just to post a new blog post every day for 730 days. That’s a lot of new blog post topics, and I’m already feeling the pressure of running out of ideas on Day 10. This morning, I created an editorial calendar for my blog for the next thirty days along with some minor projects I want to throw out to the world and see what happens. My plan may change as time goes on, but at least I won’t find myself at a loss for ideas on any given day. 

We celebrate when we win. Most likely, your goal is YOUR goal. If it isn’t, let’s find a new goal you are actually passionate about. When you create your own goals, you’re the boss. That means you get to decide what counts and how to celebrate it. During my 730 day blog challenge, I am celebrating every published blog post with an X on my calendar. It’s a little thing, but I love streaks, and then I get to watch the data roll in from my website and all my social media profiles as I watch that content find its way onto screens of people everywhere. I celebrate certain analytics with a cup of my favorite coffee from Honest Roasters, or with an hour by the pool, listening to an audiobook. It doesn’t matter how you celebrate your win, just make sure you do. It’s one of the most important things you will do. It’s not enough to just celebrate the beginning or the end. You have to keep the momentum up in the middle. That’s where it really counts. 

I want to invite you to join me for a 7-day email course all about winning at your writing projects. I know the process can be tricky to get started or to know exactly how to make a plan.

This course is only seven days long and will take you a few steps down the road from wherever you are. We will cover the basics of how to win at writing like finding what to write about, more focused time to write, how to get your content in front of more people and so much more.

It’s completely free, but registration ends Sunday, July 21 at 11:59 CST. Sign up here and the first email will come at you Monday, July 22.

Once you’re signed up, be sure to join the private Facebook community (you’ll get an email with the link after you sign up), and introduce yourself.

This is the ONLY time this course will ever be free. It’ll cost you real dollars next time so don’t miss out, and make sure to invite your friends to join you too because doing things with friends is more fun!

Day 10 of 730. 720 days to go!

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