One week ago, I made a commitment to myself to post a blog every single day for 730 days. I’ll write a post later on why I chose two years and all the other things you want to know but here’s how I almost failed today.

It’s 11:08pm CST and I am just now writing this sentence.

“Why not what until tomorrow?”

“I’ve already failed.”

“Nobody will read it until tomorrow anyway.”

See, that’s the voice in my head that tries to tell me if I’m not perfect, I might as well not even do it.

That’s dumb.

News flash: I’m human, and life doesn’t adhere to my goals all the time.

I had a treadmill stress test today, which made me very sick and I needed to lie down and rest. That’s okay.

My electricity went out for several hours because a dump truck hit several utility poles down the road. My friends and I went to a nearby city to escape the heat, have dinner and catch up. That’s okay.

I found out the family I have been on call to housesit for is getting on a plane tonight and is headed to meet their sweet new addition on the other side of the country. I had to come home and pack and get ready to head to their house tomorrow. That’s okay.

My goal is to simply post a blog every day. There’s no requirement on word count, time published or anything else. Just post a blog. That’s it.

So even though it’s going to be midnight before this gets posted (I’m hoping I’ll beat the clock by a couple minutes anyway) and probably tomorrow before anyone reads it, IT STILL COUNTS. I still get to check my box off for the day. The streak is still alive.

If you set a goal, you are the boss of your goal. You get to decide what counts and what doesn’t. Fire the critic and hire the coach.

So, I’m choosing to celebrate this as my sixth consecutive day to post. It’s not deep and profound. It’s authentic.


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