Build your faith on the solid rock of God’s truths, not on the sand of your own.

Build your faith on the solid rock of God's truth, not on the sand of your own.

You are likely familiar with this story about Abram and Sarai in Genesis.

God promised him a son. And not just a son, but he promised him to be the father of many nations. His descendants would outnumber the stars, and would be a holy people who loved and served the Lord all of their days.

It didn’t make sense in the natural. Abram and Sarai had been trying to conceive for years. They were past the child-bearing age. They wanted to trust God, but it just didn’t make sense. Keep in mind they didn’t have 66 books of history to see where God had been faithful for thousands of years.

As nothing turned into impatience turned into disappointment, they began to construct their own ideas about what God actually meant when He said they would have a son.

We gotta hand it to them – maybe they were thinking proactively. And being good problem-solvers. Or maybe they were second-guessing themselves. Maybe they heard God wrong? Maybe He even forgot about them.

Maybe what He meant to say was that Abram would have a child through one of Sarai’s maidservants? I mean, technically that means the son would still be his. Maybe they needed to be open to creativity.

They fell for the distraction.

If you know the story, they messed up. Hagar gave Abram a son named Ishmael. Sarai later became pregnant and gave life too Isaac. To this day, the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael are fighting in the Middle East. Why?

Because Abram and Sarai did not honor God and wait on the His perfect timing.

I don’t know about you, but Abram and Sarai are not alone.

Many of us are fighting the same battles as they were. We are asking ourselves the same questions.

Did I hear God right?

Is that really what He meant?

Did God forget about what He told me?

We know the dreams God has placed on our hearts. We know what the word of God says. But the evidence around us is painting a very different picture.

This applies to all kinds of dreams but can I just speak directly to us business owners/entrepreneurs/creatives for a moment?

The world will throw a million different opportunities at us. A lot of them will sound really amazing. Some of them might even “technically” fulfill the vision God gave us.

We are creatives. We are problem-solvers by nature. Here’s the thing. We are not His personal assistants. God doesn’t need us to solve any problems in His schedule.

God ALWAYS means what He says.

Ignore that temptation to accept “close enough” to the plan and just see what happens. The moment you fall in that trap, you’re taking a detour to experiencing the fullness of all God has for you.

Don’t let Satan distract you with grand opportunities. I’ve fallen for it. Others have too. You would be amazed at how creative I can get when justifying a new idea as what God actually meant when He gave me the vision on my heart.

It never works, by the way. It never satisfies the void that only the fulfillment of the dream I know God put me on this planet to do will.

Good things aren’t necessarily God’s things.

It comes down to faith. What is your faith rooted in? Are you trusting the promises God has for you, or the current circumstances you find yourself in?

Trust me when I tell you I get how easy it is to look at the circumstances around you and question the plan. But the thing is – the circumstances are a part of the plan.

The mess is the root of the message.

There’s purpose in the pain.

Your testimony will come from the test.

When writing books, I have to tell the whole story, not just the good parts. Why? Because nobody likes a story with no drama. Dreams are born out of vulnerability.

If you know the dream in your heart is a promise from God, your very first step has to be to build your faith in that promise. His promise. His truth. His word.

If you and I want to see the thing God has promised us come to fruition, we have to build it upon the solid ROCK of God’s truth, not on the sand of our own. It might take years to see God’s promise fulfilled.

The promise God gave Joseph took 19 years.

Chances are, you and I haven’t been waiting decades. But if you have been, remain steadfast in the promises of God and do not be shaken.

What’s is God’s promise you’re currently building your faith on?

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