You are only as BIG as the DREAM you DARE to LIVE

Have you ever made a vision board full of these magazine-worthy pictures of a glamorous life you thought would be amazing, but none of those things ever came to fruition?

Maybe you envisioned the wedding of your dreams? Or launching your own business? Or building your dream home?

Maybe it was being debt-free?

Running a marathon?

Writing a book?

A dream vacation?

Landing a particular client?

Finishing your degree?

All of those things are perfectly attainable for all of us, but yet many of us never get there.

What’s the problem?

Our vision boards are crap. We have built these visions based on what we want to happen to us and not on what we want to make happen for ourselves.

Or even worse, they aren’t even our own dreams. Rather they are someone else’s dreams for us.

Instead of vision boards, maybe we need to start creating “belief boards” full of things we actually want and believe we can attain.

A lot of experts would take this opportunity to talk about setting more attainable goals or breaking them up into smaller chunks.

But what if you just had more confidence in what you have the power to do?

Did you know you actually have the power within you to achieve any dream God has placed on your heart?

It’s God-given. He will never call you to a dream He won’t equip you for.

He didn’t call Noah to build an ark without giving him instructions and endurance.

He didn’t call Moses to free the Israelites from Egypt without giving him favor and wisdom.

He didn’t call Joseph to be second in command over all of Egypt without giving him strength and patience.

And He won’t give you a dream He won’t then equip you with the power to realize.

But you have to believe in that power. And really, all that means is to take a step out in faith, fully knowing that God has the next part taken care of.

It means you have to live. Live in confidence. Live in faith. Live in belief.

You are only as big as the dream you dare to live.

Take a few minutes today and create a belief board. It can be a simple list of a few things you actually believe God is going to do in your life. Or it can be a full-blown Pinterest project. You choose.

And then I dare you to live those dreams. Live in the belief and confidence that God is going to make things happen in your life. All you have to do is show up.

It’s going to require you to be a risk-taker, but I promise it’s worth it.

Share one of your dreams (or your whole belief board) with your community and encourage others to do the same. Let’s challenge one another to believe in the dreams God has put on our hearts.

I will share some of mine and some of the steps I’m taking to tangibly act out my belief in an email later this week. Have you signed up for my emails yet? Drop in your email address below and do it now.

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