Be a beginner again

It’s okay to be a beginner again.

It’s a skill actually. If you can get good at not being the smartest person in the room on something, you are going to learn a lot of really great things.

The problem is we don’t like being beginners. It’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel good to not do things perfectly or even well. Being a beginner again opens us up to failure and judgement.

We don’t try new things because we aren’t good at them. And when we aren’t good at something, we convince ourselves we aren’t good.

Kick that lie in the teeth right this second.

What you can do has nothing to do with who you are.

I dare you to work really hard at being a beginner again. Admit that you have questions and don’t know the answers. Read a book. Watch a video. Listen to a podcast. Attend a workshop. Follow experts in whatever you’re learning.

Take a step. And then another one. And another one. It’s all part of the process. We want to magically do things well without learning how to do them. That’s not how it works. Respect the process.

What are you a beginner in right now? What is the thing you need to immerse yourself in and learn all you can about?

Be a beginner again. It’s worth it. I promise.

My Turn: Among many other things, I’m a beginner in creating videos for social media and public speaking right now. Both are uncomfortable and it’s going to be really imperfect for a while. That’s okay.

You don’t want to miss out on my process. Follow me on Instagram to see it all for yourself. Here’s my account.

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