Stop being busy

One of the saddest things I hear is when I ask people how life is and their response is, “busy.”

“Busy” implies they are running from thing to thing, commitment to commitment, and not enjoying it.

They always have that look on their face and that tone in their voice. That feeling like it’s just dreadful they have to deal with soccer practice and church group and birthday dinners.

“Busy” means their calendars are full but their hearts are empty.

“Busy” means they have lost their joy.

“Busy” means they don’t have time to hang out with you because they just have to hang out with someone else.

“Busy” means they have lost perspective.

Am I talking about you?

Stop being busy.

I won’t tell you to clear your schedule to rest. Maybe you’re like me and rest doesn’t bring you that much joy. But take a look at your calendar. What is just a thing on the calendar?

Your job?

Get a new one.

Volunteering every other Thursday night?

Take a break.

The gym?

Find another way to do fitness.

Your kids?

Sell them.

Okay, don’t do that last one. You might regret it and I think it’s still illegal.

But do find a way to choose a better yes.

Build a life that you GET TO live to replace the life you feel like you HAVE TO live.

And the next time someone asks you how life is going, be able to confidently say, “life is so good.”

Published by Felicia Carter

Jesus | Writing | Fitness | Coffee | Community | Speaking | Coaching

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