The world needs your dream

That dream.

You know the one.

The one you are afraid to admit to anyone. The one you think is ridiculous or impossible. The one someone has minimized or ridiculed. The one you think you are unqualified for.

The one you’ve tried before and failed at.

The world needs THAT dream. We need you to say yes.

Your family needs it. Your team needs it. Your neighbors need it. Your friends need it. Your community needs it. Strangers need it.

I need it.

You need it.

“I need your dream.”

The word “impossible” will destroy more than your potential. It will rob you of opportunity. It will kill the power of relationships. It will steal the joy that pushing through obstacles brings. 

One of the great travesties in life is hearing someone come up with excuses for why they can’t pursue all that God has created and called them to do. 

In just about every case I can imagine, “I can’t” actually means “I don’t want to.” Nothing is impossible unless you want it to be. 

Join a gym. And show up. More than once. 

Send out your resume. Show up to volunteer. Start a blog. Take the test. Start the business. Propose to the girl. Go to the meeting. Say yes to having coffee. 

Invest in yourself like you expect an ROI. Don’t settle for what you haven’t accomplished in the past but rather expect what you have the potential to conquer in the future. 

Not being confident in who you are as a child of God is not humility. It’s stupidity. It’s foolishness. Say yes to God, no matter how “impossible” you think it is. You might think you aren’t enough. You’re not. But God is. 

Life is about YOUR choices. You get what you put into it. Make a choice you won’t regret.

Get up. Start taking steps. One day, you will look back and realize how far you have come. But progress never happens if you aren’t focused on the process.

Take steps that are necessary but work hard to find joy in them. Choose to celebrate the victories, be honest about the losses and surround yourself with people who champion the best in you during both.

And don’t give up on the dream God gave you. He doesn’t begin to doubt the dream He gave you, even when you do.

Published by Felicia Carter

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